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"I 'Member!!"

During my lifetime so far, many changes have been made in the name of "progress", but many of them have NOT been for the better! So, here at 'Old Skool's Cool' we're going to collate a handy list of things that were just better how they used to be, before some money grabbin' capitalist decided to improve them!

It doesn't matter what age you are, you can probably think of some things that you preferred before they went and changed them. If so, drop us a line and maybe we'll add your suggestions to the site.

To get the ball rolling I've put a few of the things that came to mind, starting with the one that kicked the whole thing off...


Much better than lighters!
Made of wood (bio degradable) NOT PLASTIC!
All the chemical burns off when you use them.
Just the right length to light without burning your fingers.
No need for metal aerosol cans of gas (for refilling lighters). No need to buy replacement flints.


Much better than recycling!
Just washed and used again.
No need to waste energy smashing them up and remaking new ones.
The kids can get money back taking them to the collection point


Bio degradable!
Can be made from recycled materials.
You can scrunch them up and chuck them at your mates!
Don't end up strangling a turtle in the ocean

More Coming Soon!

Peace, Love and Freedom


Litmus A Freeman